October 25, 2009


I definately fit into this catagory. While blog surfing Icame across this article

at a time of change, major change (my company "merged" with a larger company this week) we will see what happens.

It is great to get this message and be reminded of the opportunities we have to expand our beings.

Working in the studio this morning, I need to find a better way to take photos and load them onto the computer. Here is a detail of "shine"

October 07, 2009

Women's Night Out in Grafton

have you tried doing a tangle? these little pieces of art are very addicting!

Stop by my booth on October 23rd 7-9 pm
Grafton Municiple Center
Grafton, MA
and find zentangle supplies along with my handmade journals of all shapes and sizes.

above Girl Scout Troop #30262
I will also be offering home party classes
so come and find out about the details or email me for more information.

September 15, 2009


I would like to personnaly thank Diane and Seth for leaving comments on the blog. They both have won some goodies in the give away!

September 01, 2009


Thank you all for being so patient. On September 13th I will be doing my give-away so all comments will be entered to win a random drawing. I have so much I want to give-away that there may even be more than one!
Paper packs


handmade bingo journal

Good Luck to all and thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your wonderful comments
Add Image

good luck to all

August 18, 2009


Sorry for no updates. I am down on the computer and trying to replace it. I am posting from a borrowed computer.
I see I have reached over 1000!! viewers and will hopefully be posting that giveaway soon
thank you all for visiting and look forward to new works soon

August 04, 2009


Howdy! i just noticed that my blog has almost 1000 visitors. As I've seen in other blogs, I have chosen to do a give-a-way after it hits 1000. What to give away??? hummmmmmmm
Keep your eyes open and leave a comment. I will post an interesting giveaway soon
Thanks for all who have visited and left comments, it is all greatly appreciated in this creative environment we have all created!

August 03, 2009

Disintergration Collaboration Unveiling

Well after a winter and spring of allowing my pages to be hung on the fence here is what I have made from the pieces. DisCo1


They are all pages from a condensed Reader's Digest and were sewn together and painted. As seen here they were left out through snow and rain and high winds and nature! hence the disintegration collaboration put on by Seth Apter.
This wonderful collaboration has brought so many artists from around the world together, all with mother nature in its many forms as the collaborator.

July 17, 2009


I discovered this artist's wonderful blog! I love the textures she creates using cloth and thread. There are so many pieces to choose from and the above picture is one of my favorites. Surfing her blog is so inspirational it makes me want to pull out all my scraps of cloth and thread and just start sewing. Have a peek at her sight and get inspirit/inspired!

July 16, 2009

Turbulent Weather Revisited

As part of "Buried Treasure" here is my re post of an earlier one, from June of 2006,that reminds me of those serendipitous moments we have as artists. Combining art and life comes to me at times and seems profound looking back. Always reminding me to enjoy every moment of this life we have.

We ride through the turbulent weather
with a heavy heart.
Through the doubt we arise
and conquer our fears.
For the wind carries us to new heights
and life continues to surprise us.

Summer has just begun and the promise of loveliness is upon us. Let us not waste a moment of this precious time. Go out and enjoy that warming sun, smell those fragrant flowers, feel those gentle breezes, dive into the water and emerge refreshed, rejuvenated, and relish in the feelings of summer.

July 13, 2009

Buried Treasure

Seth is doing another wonderful share of information called "Buried Treasure". On Thursday, there will be a post for a blog post that is from days gone by. You can see the post listing on his blog after Thursday. Keep looking for the jewels amongst the daily grind.

July 02, 2009

Showing Here

Hey Everyone
If your in Somerville on July 11th (rain date July 12th) check out my live demonstration at the Boston Handmade ~ Marketplace!

I will be part of the Eliot School Booth and promoting my Green Crafting class "Papermaking Art from Recycled Materials." There is still room, so if you would like to sign up (Class AW518) we would love to have you.

Give a shout out that you heard about this on the blog and receive a free gift!

May 15, 2009

Teaching at the Elliot School

I will be teaching at the Elliot School in Jamaica Plain, MA on July 30th and August 6th, as part of their Green Craft program this summer. My class "Papermaking Art from Recycled Materials" will be a two part class. The first class we will make paper from junk mail, paper tube rolls and discarded paper. Then the second class I will have a display of artwork using the paper and begin our projects from first weeks class! I am very excited about this and hope you can join me.

"Traveling Through the Mind" artist book

May 11, 2009


This was a present for my husband. There is a picture of us from 20 years ago. After being married for 16 years we need to be reminded of the things that "awake the joy" in our lives.
I hope you find your joy...

May 06, 2009


If you look on the branch you will see a brown cord that was holding one of the two odd pages. I will incorporate it in the Part 2 of the Disintegration Project hosed by Seth APter.
Keep in tune and check out all the links on his sidebar.

May 03, 2009

disintegration collaboration - after

After snow, cold, high winds, rain, heat and other natural going ons the unveiling of my disintegration project is completed. Observing the many other collaborators, I decided to add midway some used steel wool to add some rusty goodness. Although the changes are subtle there are definately changes.

I am eager to see where all this takes us on a journey of disintegration. Seth at the Altered Page has come up with this project so check out his blog to read about the beginning. Enjoy and I will keep you updated.

April 13, 2009

Spring is coming, No doubt...

I have been busy working on a new website for N-M letters. The are many things to think about when creating a website, first and foremost what do you want to say...

Which makes me want to revamp my own website, so what do I want to say...

Today was a slow, resting day at home with my daughter. To think about all to come...

Little changes everyday

March 30, 2009

Boston Handmade

Check out the Boston Handmade Blog for Kerri Hawkins great group of pics from a train yard visit. The display is very inspiring especially if you like texture, color and graphic elements.

There are so many talented artists in Boston Handmade, you should explore all the cool goings on in the Boston Area.

March 22, 2009

the creativity inside us

I came across this video on Vivian Bonder's blog. I am reading Elizabeth Gilbert's book "eat pray love" right now and feel whenever blog surfing what is meant to come into my world does. I am thinking along these lines of purpose in our life. Take some time (20 minutes) to watch this video.

It's Spring yeahhhhhh

The calendar has told us it is spring and the birds are starting to chirp and a single crocus has sprouted. Definatly signs of spring.

Lots happening in my world with artwork. Above is a present I gave to my sister for her birthday. It is a new series of painting/collage on canvas that I have been working on. It is relaxing and keeping in the tradition of using recycled materials.
I am enjoying the process, so keep checking for more pieces in the series.

February 12, 2009


I don't have a camera tonight so sorry for no pictures, but my children both wanted to help me pick a winner. So because there are two of them I decided they could both pick a winner so there are TWO WINNERS TONIGHT.


I will contact you both via email

Hope to visit soon!


I will post tonight
good luck and thanks for playing

February 10, 2009

Disintegration Collaboration

Seth over at The Altered Page blog has put a challenge together and it looked so interesting I wanted to belong. Having some altered book pages that I didn't know what to do with I thought I would use them. I hung them out on the fence next to the lilac trees in hopes for some interesting effects. Let's see what happens!

February 09, 2009

ओहो giveaway

Enter until February 12th at 9:00 a.m. Eastern Standard time and the winner will be posted that evening. Good luck

January 19, 2009

One World One Heart


What a wonderful idea this is.

This great event has come round again - One World, One Heart is hosted by Lisa Swifka, it is a world wide giveaway with a chance to meet and visit blogs from all over the world. The original idea behind this was to bring bloggers together from around the world who may never ordinarily meet. It closes the gap of the blog community and enables us to interact, discover new and wonderful people, and in the process possibly win a prize or many prizes along the way.

It starts today 19 January and ends on the 11th February at 6pm when a winner will be chosen at random. I will announce the winner on the 12th February.

To enter our giveaway leave a comment and Please make sure you enter your email address into the comments section, anonymous people will be deleted. Not a lot to ask for a great prize is it?? It does not matter how many times you enter your name will only be put in the draw once. This will make it fair for everyone!!

My giveaway is a packet of paper/ephemera titled "Mexico". Use in your ATC, cards, or artwork.
Have fun exploring all the sites, I know I will