August 18, 2009


Sorry for no updates. I am down on the computer and trying to replace it. I am posting from a borrowed computer.
I see I have reached over 1000!! viewers and will hopefully be posting that giveaway soon
thank you all for visiting and look forward to new works soon

August 04, 2009


Howdy! i just noticed that my blog has almost 1000 visitors. As I've seen in other blogs, I have chosen to do a give-a-way after it hits 1000. What to give away??? hummmmmmmm
Keep your eyes open and leave a comment. I will post an interesting giveaway soon
Thanks for all who have visited and left comments, it is all greatly appreciated in this creative environment we have all created!

August 03, 2009

Disintergration Collaboration Unveiling

Well after a winter and spring of allowing my pages to be hung on the fence here is what I have made from the pieces. DisCo1


They are all pages from a condensed Reader's Digest and were sewn together and painted. As seen here they were left out through snow and rain and high winds and nature! hence the disintegration collaboration put on by Seth Apter.
This wonderful collaboration has brought so many artists from around the world together, all with mother nature in its many forms as the collaborator.