June 30, 2006


We have moved down to the family camp for the summer. It has been raining so the mood has changed. Last year was so wonderful and I am waiting to recapture that feeling. This weekend should be nice and I look forward to all our family and friends joining us for our annual Fourth of July celebration. Have a safe holiday!

June 16, 2006

Turbulant Weather

We ride through the turbulant weather
with a heavy heart.
Through the doubt we arise
and concour our fears.
For the wind carries us to new heights
and life continues to surprise us.

Summer has just begun and the promise of lovelyness is upon us. Let us not waste a moment of this precious time. Go out and enjoy that warming sun, smell those fragrant flowers, feel those gentle breezes, dive into the water and emerge refreshed, rejuvinated, and relish in the feelings of summer.

June 04, 2006

Indie Weekend

Rain Rain go away come back another day Dawn and Sarah want to play.
Well the rain came and went and came again and again and again.
Well my first craft show in a long time and it rained off and on all day. But the GREAT thing about this is that I did some artwork, had a tarot card reading for the first time, met some fantastic people and will be joining Artisan Woman of Worcester. At the end of the day I traded for this wonderful umbrella made by Sarah along with a handpainted silk

scarf and other wonderful treasures. Check out this wonderful shelf unit I used for display! $5 bucks at Goodwill in Boston!!! Gotta love the colors and the little ball magnets that David bought me to hang the necklaces on!!! LOVE IT!!!
After the event we went out for Indiam food my favorite. Unfortunately when we got there it was closed so we opted for Sushi. Although I tried some it is definately not my favorite food. Oh well adventures come in all sizes and shapes.
When I arrived home Tyler lost his first tooth, gotta love that dirty face mr. popsicle man. and the tooth fairy brought him $10.00 for his first lost tooth. Holy moly take my teeth tooth fairy. So life is wonderful, life is good, let that rain come and fill the lake. creatively dawn