March 30, 2009

Boston Handmade

Check out the Boston Handmade Blog for Kerri Hawkins great group of pics from a train yard visit. The display is very inspiring especially if you like texture, color and graphic elements.

There are so many talented artists in Boston Handmade, you should explore all the cool goings on in the Boston Area.

March 22, 2009

the creativity inside us

I came across this video on Vivian Bonder's blog. I am reading Elizabeth Gilbert's book "eat pray love" right now and feel whenever blog surfing what is meant to come into my world does. I am thinking along these lines of purpose in our life. Take some time (20 minutes) to watch this video.

It's Spring yeahhhhhh

The calendar has told us it is spring and the birds are starting to chirp and a single crocus has sprouted. Definatly signs of spring.

Lots happening in my world with artwork. Above is a present I gave to my sister for her birthday. It is a new series of painting/collage on canvas that I have been working on. It is relaxing and keeping in the tradition of using recycled materials.
I am enjoying the process, so keep checking for more pieces in the series.