February 20, 2013

Water dreams 10

Finished the tenth block for water dreams quilt. On a roll ...

February 11, 2013

Quilted memories

Using rusted fabric and tea bags I continue my quilted memories series. I found layering was necessary to cover the dark pencil marks. A final covering of dryer sheets pulled the layering together.

February 08, 2013

Alone with NEMO

What a wonderful storm...
There is no one home (a rarity)
Down to the studio and what do I see
Using a free form foot on the sewing machine

adding a few stones to the water, or eddies, or tide pools... not sure

then some tea and rust studies with encaustic...

My own TIME

This week I read Patti Digh's blog about a hands free life and felt an overwhelming connection.  I then proceeded to unplug facebook from my phone until furthur notice.

I have sooooo many things I WANT to do and find little to no time to do them.  Thank God my sister schedules "craft day" with me.  That gets me out of the house and working creatively.  We all need more of that.