July 17, 2009


I discovered this artist's wonderful blog! I love the textures she creates using cloth and thread. There are so many pieces to choose from and the above picture is one of my favorites. Surfing her blog is so inspirational it makes me want to pull out all my scraps of cloth and thread and just start sewing. Have a peek at her sight and get inspirit/inspired!

July 16, 2009

Turbulent Weather Revisited

As part of "Buried Treasure" here is my re post of an earlier one, from June of 2006,that reminds me of those serendipitous moments we have as artists. Combining art and life comes to me at times and seems profound looking back. Always reminding me to enjoy every moment of this life we have.

We ride through the turbulent weather
with a heavy heart.
Through the doubt we arise
and conquer our fears.
For the wind carries us to new heights
and life continues to surprise us.

Summer has just begun and the promise of loveliness is upon us. Let us not waste a moment of this precious time. Go out and enjoy that warming sun, smell those fragrant flowers, feel those gentle breezes, dive into the water and emerge refreshed, rejuvenated, and relish in the feelings of summer.

July 13, 2009

Buried Treasure

Seth is doing another wonderful share of information called "Buried Treasure". On Thursday, there will be a post for a blog post that is from days gone by. You can see the post listing on his blog after Thursday. Keep looking for the jewels amongst the daily grind.

July 02, 2009

Showing Here

Hey Everyone
If your in Somerville on July 11th (rain date July 12th) check out my live demonstration at the Boston Handmade ~ Marketplace!

I will be part of the Eliot School Booth and promoting my Green Crafting class "Papermaking Art from Recycled Materials." There is still room, so if you would like to sign up (Class AW518) we would love to have you.

Give a shout out that you heard about this on the blog and receive a free gift!