May 29, 2006

God BLESS America

Memorial Day has come and gone. We marched in the Grafton parade as Girl Scouts. Then after a fly by and wonderous ceramony we went clothes shopping for some much needed attire. Then on our way to camp we sat for 45 during the Manchaug ceramony. Of course Manchaug is a subtown of sutton and has maybe 100 people that live there. But none the less off to camp we made it and took a relaxing boat ride with some wonderful company and the kids actually behaved. Life is good. No artwork this weekend but this week will be getting ready for the 1st Indie Arts & Crafts Festival. Hope to see ya there. If not I will be working on opening a store on Etsy to sell my wares. Hopefully I can get to it in the next couple of weeks. Creatively Dawn.

May 26, 2006

Long Weekend

Here is a sneak peak of a piece I am working on.
It is the start of the long weekend and I'm hoping to get some artwork done. I keep looking at different blogs and get inspired by all the honesty and artwork out there. We need to remember to live each day and not just think about the day or the next chore. Our minds need silence and meditation is a great way to do this. I hope that you find some creative time and quite time this holiday weekend.

May 22, 2006


Well today was a bright and sunny day but chilly. Just came home from t-ball practice and warming up with some hot tea. My great friend Mary has a blog now and it is such a cool project. She worked on a cow for the Boston cow project so go check out her cow! Go Create! Dawn

May 21, 2006

Dream a little dream...

Inspired by a blog
I came up with this photo montage from the pictures I snapped in Boston on Friday. Hanging out with great friends is always an inspiration.
Enjoy the weather whatever it may be

May 18, 2006

Thinking Thursday

Can't wait to spend the day with my college friends Tony and Mary tomorrow!
then I'm taking mom to see the DaVinci Code for her mother's day present
a full packed day to bring about the creative in me.

This is a picture from Mother's Day. The highlight of the day was when David took us waterfall spotting. We saw at least 4 differrent sights and after what a week of straight rain the water was flowing, but THANK YOU GOD not in our basement.

Have an Abundant Day



May 14, 2006


Here is the Mothers Day card I made for my moms

What you think about is what you become~


May 13, 2006


Oh to fly away
long and hard
to a new world
In the hands of the child
we see...

Blinded by the life we live

only to be abandoned in the murky waters
saved by the white angel of rain sheding her tears
lonly she leaves this world etched in stone.

So life moves on and we all connect in one way or another. My good friend Tony has come home to visit from California and we all went to the cookout. Then to Udderly Delicious to listen to Owen Plant.

Home again I sit and type looking for inspiration.
Listening to Indigo Girls Retrospect


May 06, 2006

sleepy saturday

I feel like I can't get out of my own way today...
Alone with the kids and Joey slept over so wasn't motivated. This I think is a crash from all the creative energy going this week.

A little play time, and hope the crackle method works...
enjoy and go play

May 05, 2006

Spiritual Spring

I love spring... everything is coming alive again including myself. My great friend Jessica took my Mini Quilt workshop and is now cranking out the mini art quilts. You inspire me! Cinco deMayo is here and what a better way to celebrate then decorating the office. Check out Nomad in Boston for all your Mexican decorations.

May 01, 2006

Life is but a dream

do do do do do dum de dum la la la la
Life is good... What a wonderful day we had yesterday at Lisa Martin and Brad's house. It was euphoric with the sun shining, peacefulness, good food and friends.
I'm noticing I've been seeing a lot of birds and looking up to the sky. I bought some extra memory for the digital camera and now snapping pics left and right.
create and have a great day