May 29, 2006

God BLESS America

Memorial Day has come and gone. We marched in the Grafton parade as Girl Scouts. Then after a fly by and wonderous ceramony we went clothes shopping for some much needed attire. Then on our way to camp we sat for 45 during the Manchaug ceramony. Of course Manchaug is a subtown of sutton and has maybe 100 people that live there. But none the less off to camp we made it and took a relaxing boat ride with some wonderful company and the kids actually behaved. Life is good. No artwork this weekend but this week will be getting ready for the 1st Indie Arts & Crafts Festival. Hope to see ya there. If not I will be working on opening a store on Etsy to sell my wares. Hopefully I can get to it in the next couple of weeks. Creatively Dawn.

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