March 21, 2007

Life is amazing

I am amazed daily at how life unfolds in front of our eyes. Last saturday I had a play date with my dear friend Jess. It was pure heaven. We did our artwork, we talked about artwork, we laughed what a gift from heaven. Since I have been jazzed and experimenting with different media combinations. Embossing powder, fusible webbing, fibers, burning paper, resin necklaces, book arts and everyday something else evolves.

I also had chai with Mary and talked more about art. What a perfect day.

The universe is redirecting me to live my joy. It is possible. Everyday to choose your thoughts, redirect my thoughts, choose the good thoughts because we are our thoughts. If you haven't read the Hicks book series you should look them up. If I can soak up this information and start living it my life will change dramatically and all for the better.

I also met Linda Brescia this week. What a generous artistic soul. She told me about this book, wonderful techniques and eye candy if you love texture.

So life is coming into the season of spring. I wish you bursting buds, large pink and orange gerber daisies, and the sun shining on your face.

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  1. I love the journal at the top of this entry - you are really making the most of that binding machine! I also want to say that I find your creative energy inspiring!