April 15, 2007

Rainy NorEaster

Well in New England you never know what your gonna get for weather. Today we had a NorEaster which in the winter would have been feet of snow. Instead it's inches of rain. Good day to hang out with the kids. We had a fun day. 1st Ange came up with an art project we will be working on this week. We made a large slide like viewer to look at the sky. then we painted it on a small piece of paper. we each are making a strip of them.
Then it was shaving cream on the glass table. They could have done that all day. of course you need to wash it off so into the tub with bathing suits and fits of laughter. WOW I wish I could get so energized from it all like they do.

I took pics but can't find my cabel to download them boo hoo
as soon as I find it i will post

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