February 01, 2008

January in White

What a wonderful month of white. Trying a new approach to making art I chose to make art by color. I started the month collecting all my white ephemera, cutting paper to different size squares, and using all the white materials I had. Starting with journals, a continuation of what I had been doing, I started a rhythm of making little collages. This continued to grow throughout the month into making two larger collage pieces and a paper quilt. What a wonderful journey I have started for 2008. As soon as the paper quilt is finished I will take pics and post them.
Here is a mini-art quilt that was also made in January for a show that I did not get in.
February has started and the gears switch to the color RED! I have a feeling pinks will pop up too. What a lovely motivation.
have a creative day


  1. I love your blue heart! I am always attracted to complimentary color compositions. Your orange and blue are wonderful.

  2. I love this heart mini quilt....the stitching and the colour combinations.