December 08, 2008

long long time ago...

It's been a long time and I am finally ready to post again. In the time away there is always thinking, wondering, waiting...
what is this thing called life? where do we go? where are we coming from?
so many people come and go through life's journey and we are still the same person who stands with ourselves. Rethinking art and what is important I have come to some realizations that I am ready to share.
the love of sharing creativity is so very important. I collect and collect from the discards in the hopes to pass these along to someone who will cherish and use these wonderful pieces.
Today I have come across Seth Apter who has a rich blog full of giving. Check out his wonderful textured mixed media work.
Also visiting Alma Stoller's blog you can view her wonderful new zine called soul craft.
These two people have sparked that flame once again to reach out and start doing instead of just thinking. I am seriously thinking of doing a new issue of Sprinkles the zine with a new twist. Then in the spirit of giving I want to have a give away. Paper, paper, paper everywhere..... The first ten people to leave a comment in this post will receive an envelope of paper/ephemera/and a goodie or two.


  1. What a wonderful post- very inspiring and can't say enough too about Seth Apter's Blog, TheAlteredPage. It is a totally collaborative blog, rich in his own wonderful mixed media art and he is tremendously giving and sharing when it comes to the whole greater art community. I am not very familiar with your blog or that of Alma Stoller's but will slowly look through the beauty of each one of yours now. Thanks for sharing and for your post today. It's so gratifying to see when someone's flame to create has been sparked by another. Best- Jill

  2. Thank you so much Dawn for your generous thoughts about my blog. I am so happy I could play a role in providing some creative inspiration!