February 29, 2008

Life in Red

February's color was red and was not as inspiring as white. I'm not sure if it was the environment of being surrounded by white that was making me so productive. I've made two 12 x 12 inch paper quilts that are finished and one that is sewn on fabric that needs to be finished.

In response to the colors being affected by my environment I will be tackling brown for March's color. I was contemplating green for spring but I will hold off.

February 20, 2008

Life in White Journals

January's Life in White Journals are now up at my etsy shop. Fill these winter journals with thoughts of spring and renew yourself.

February 10, 2008

Paper quilts

Here is a sneak peak at what I've been working on lately.
My adventures in the color months has lead me to this new body of work that has had my creative juices flowing. Life in White was a wonderful inspiration and I am having a hard time not making "white"work.
Even though February is Life in Red and I've started some 12 x 12" red quilts I squeezed in a piece based on green. The materials inspired me to create this quilt called "Breathe."
Stay tuned for red work coming soon.

February 01, 2008


Undercover Quilt Show in Brooklyn, NY
Here is the link to the show I just entered and didn't get into. There are so many beautiful quilts that didn't get into the show. I love that the owner Amy Shawposted all of the submissions. What a wonderful way to get rejected.
If your in the NY area go see the show and this great little gem of a shop.

January in White

What a wonderful month of white. Trying a new approach to making art I chose to make art by color. I started the month collecting all my white ephemera, cutting paper to different size squares, and using all the white materials I had. Starting with journals, a continuation of what I had been doing, I started a rhythm of making little collages. This continued to grow throughout the month into making two larger collage pieces and a paper quilt. What a wonderful journey I have started for 2008. As soon as the paper quilt is finished I will take pics and post them.
Here is a mini-art quilt that was also made in January for a show that I did not get in.
February has started and the gears switch to the color RED! I have a feeling pinks will pop up too. What a lovely motivation.
have a creative day