January 26, 2008

Before and After

Thought you might like to see the before and after studio comparison. I still deal with the clutter of having so much. The artwork ideas have been rolling in and there are not enough hours in a day to do everything. A new direction that has been perk-o-lating for a very long time now is finally rising to the surface. My first paper quilt is almost finished and I will post pictures next.
The studio worktable needs a freshen up for these larger works but I'm hoping they will come fast and furious. However a "Leap and Sleep" with my Girl Scout troop at a gymnastics place tonight will postpone my creativeness. I will slow cook the ideas for a little bit longer.
creatively yours

1 comment:

  1. We creatives are so lucky to have so many simmering ideas and not enough hours in the day to see them all through. Though I moan about having too little time its a wonderful feeling knowing that the well is full.Boredom and lack of ideas is not a happy place to be.

    The before and after photos intrigue me. Now I know it can be done :-)