January 01, 2008


Well Hellooooooooo
Wipe the slate clean and start fresh. I love the first of the year. Being able to start anew with ideas, directions, and anything else your heart desires. This is my annual Feng Shui mentality of clearing the clutter. Taking the day off from work yesterday I concentrated on my first goal of the new year, CLEAN THE STUDIO! Here are some before photos

Yesterday i dove right in and went through the shelves. Reorganizing, relabeling, weeding out the things I don't use. It was a productive day but let me tell you it is more than a one day project. I will keep you posted.
One of my other goals is to work on artwork based on color. I will be exploring my directions in art with a color theme per month. January will start with WHITE, but of course. It is all around. I have started early and noticed that I am looking at life in a new way. It is leading me in new directions. Here is my first artwork of the new yearJournal 99 white. This is a 5" x 5" journal made from recycled materials plate material, reclaimed paper, ephemera with paint and found objects.

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